How do I go about writing?

My writing process usually begins with mulling ideas, topics, and information over and over in my mind. I need time to read, research, and talk to people about it. Then, I need time to make the information my own – understand it in a way that I can explain it in my own way.  As I research, I’ll take notes.  I think very well when I take a walk, lay down, or, many times, when I’m sitting at church (it’s about the quietness).  I need to get away from the computer, the books, and the paper to get some distance from the writing and to process it in my mind.  I used to think I had to map out my writing manually before I started writing but nowadays, I’m able to organize my writing in my mind in chunks or sections.  I think this gives me flexibility to change the writing in my mind before I begin the actual writing process.  As I process and organize what I will write about, I think about the audience.  My biggest fear is wondering what people will think about it – will they be bored?  Confused?     I think I have a silent dialogue with the ideas – I see the words or ideas presented visually on the page. I find myself, like Ralph Fletcher described in his book, What a Writer Needs, that I have an inner dialogue with myself.  If I feel sufficiently connected to what I am writing about and feel confident that I believe what I write, I usually don’t have any problems publishing the piece.


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