Last Day at the UIWP

Today is the last day of the UIWP.  I can’t believe how fast it has gone by!  While I was putting together my website last night, I was amazed at how much writing and “composing” we produced!  I was initially worried that I wouldn’t have good quality writing pieces to include in my digital portfolio, but, that’s why I’m thankful for deadlines.  I just put my writings out there, knowing that, knowing me, I could spend forever working on them!  Thus, prolonging publishing my digital portfolio for a while.

I was also picturing the journey I feel like I’ve been on for the past month.  Actually, beginning with the interview, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  I knew there would be some work involved – maybe collaborating to develop some lesson plans, listening to guest speakers, being introduced to some technology.  What I got instead was a crash course in digital technologies and a fresh approach to writing instruction.  I think I did what Katherine Blake Yancey explains as using the scientific approach to make teaching a system.  I did this with writing somewhat because I didn’t really have my own philosophy or understanding of writing instruction.  Now, I see endless possibilities with writing.  I see writing as a knowledge-making activity, even creative writing.  I think Judy’s poem on her Cherokee background is a great example of how I envision using creative writing to incorporate social studies into the classroom.  I just wonder how many students are out there with untapped writing potential that need good instruction or guidance?

Overall, I will miss the morning writings, the challenging assignments (in technology), and the intensive feeling of being in a “boiling pot” that drew out creative thinking that I did not know I had in me!


2 Responses to “Last Day at the UIWP”

  1. My thoughts are just like yours, Anthony. It was quite a journey, wasn’t it?

  2. Anthony, why did I write Anthony? It’s pretty clear I need to go back to bed…

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